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Bullseye Ag - Farm Management Solutions
Bullseye Ag - Farm Management Solutions


Jimmy is a Farm management specialist and has studied and worked in the Sustainable Agricultural industry for 9 Years and developed skills to help clients with property planning and development.


He gained experience in conservation and bush regeneration in, Organic Vegetable production, Orchard management, and chicken caravans while studying. The combined knowledge and experiences have allowed him to develop regenerative agricultural plans and objectives. 

His career objective lies within Agriculture and Education, with a growing population and a need for young people in the industry, to help shape the future of agriculture.  He is passionate about mentoring young people in gaining confidence to step into the industry along with this mentoring passion to bring precision agriculture into regenerative agricultural principles and practices together.

Favourite quote: ‘If it's not measured it's not managed’

Bullseye Ag - Farm Management Solutions
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