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Bullseye Ag - Farm Management Solutions


Mitch is the Founder and Managing Director of Bullseye Ag. Following an extensive agricultural career that saw him on-farms around the world and in the corporate offices of major agricultural Companies, he started Bullseye Ag in the pursuit of offering everyone access to quality Farm Management and consultancy services.  

Mitch is dedicated to the Agricultural industry and has been invited to speak and be a panellist at a range of events, including the Young Farmer Business Conference. He has sat on various Committees and Boards including Rural Affairs, Business Economics and Trade and the NSW Farmers Young Farmer Council, of which he was Chair.

Mitch has an Agricultural Business Management degree from CSU, is a licensed Stock and Station Agent, Auctioneer and a 2022 finalist of the prestigious Zanda McDonald Award

Favourite quote:Measure twice, cut once’

Bullseye Ag - Farm Management Solutions
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